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Utilize Additional TotalAV Licenses

Nearly all TotalAV subscriptions come with the ability to protect multiple devices. In this video we explore the next steps, after you've installed TotalAV on your main computer, for protecting other devices. 0:00 Introduction to Using Additional Licenses 0:41 Adding a License to a Windows PC 0:56 Logging into the TotalAV Website 1:15 The TotalAV Web Dashboard 1:31 Downloading TotalAV 1:40 Installing TotalAV 2:00 Logging into TotalAV 2:37 Where Account Devices are Listed 3:04 Adding a License to an Android Device 3:34 Downloading TotalAV on Google Play 3:54 Logging into TotalAV for Android 4:59 Account Device Listings Revisited 5:26 Buying Additional Licenses